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August 22, 2011 / coolcrew23



A wall of black

An abyss of never ending darkness

No sound

Without vibration

Like a broken flashlight in a power outage

You feel helpless

Coldness engulfs your soul

Yet a beat

Tapping of the feet

Paints colors without a brush

Splashing your face

In a hot summer day

The spinning of the globe

At your fingertips

The tip of your tongue

Sweet, salty, sour, a bit bitter

Smells nice

From the swirling of the bowl

Heart beats fast

Yet mind stays still

Time flows like a stream

Ready to crash down

Like a raging water fall



Audio-Technica M50

August 15, 2011 / coolcrew23

NBA Lockout = Not cool

The NBA is now in a lockout…

This sucks. I know the season is still months away but the way things are going right now, barring a miracle, their will be no LeBron, no D.Rose, no Dwight, and “Gasp!” No Matt “Red Rocket” Bonner for the foreseeable future. It could just mean a late start to the season, or at worst no season at all. Whatever may happen between now and the start, we just hope that we would eventually see some high-flying, jaw-dropping, curly red hair waving, NBA action.

You may ask, really what does the lockout mean? The casual NBA fan wouldn’t really care, he just wants to see that ball bounce. Truthfully I do not completely understand the lockout as well. All i know is that the NBA team owners, and the NBA players couldn’t agree on how much money should be going where. When you talk about millionaires fight about money, it definitely is  a situation that isn’t cool.

Until then I guess we all just have to hope that the issue is settled soon. I want my NBA by the time October comes! I want to see Flyin’ Brian Scalabrine shoot 3s!!!! So please NBA peeps settle this already and let us enjoy what you guys do best!


August 15, 2011 / coolcrew23

Running Mac OS X on your desktop PC? Definitely cool!

For anyone who has ever wanted to run Mac OSX on your Windows machine, I have found a really cool program which would do just that! It’s really easy to use and what is really awesome about it, it that it is all free! Just download Virtualbox from Get a DVD of your preferred OSX and that’s it! You can run Mac OSX on your Home PC. I am currently running MAC OSX 10.6 or Snow Leopard on my parents Intel i5, 4gb Ram PC wuhoo!!! When my mom first saw it that it went a little something like this…


That’s what i got for making that boring old desktop to an awesome cool mega machine! Almost like seeing Batman gain super-strength. It would just be too unfair for everyone else in the world!

So here just download this from the website and then use this guide i found on lifehacker,

That easy and you would soon have one beast of a machine!


August 11, 2011 / coolcrew23

Now this is one cool laptop

I recently got a 11-inch Macbook Air as my grad gift. My initial reaction? It’s elfin’ awesome!!!! It’s cool beyond cool. It’s thin, it’s light, it’s powerful! I got the 128GB model, with 4GB of ram. Originally my plan was to go for the cheaper 64GB 2GB ram model. But the extra features were just too much, so I convinced my mom to get me the higher model instead. I have been using it for less than a week and it has been such a great gadget to have around.

I have done a presentation on it, i have watched videos on it, downloaded stuff on it. I love having so much power in my fingertips. I will definitely be using it for so much more things, and truthfully i can not wait to see what else. I will soon try to make some videos on it, I definitely ain’t no Scorsese, or Michael Bay  and I am sure my video is going to look amateurish but I do not care I will just have as much fun as I can with it.

I’m currently looking for a case , I can put it in. I have a Belkin case i bought in Power Mac Center but I definitely think it lacks the protection I would want, I am currently checking out and for something cool but I can’t seem to find something cool enough to put my precious gadget in. Well I will definitely look for a case that has protection, and most importantly has that cool factor the Macbook Air has as well.

To end I love this gadget! Thanks to my parents for getting me this gift for my graduation. It was my last graduation ever so I couldn’t have asked for anything better. For anyone who would want something portable, extremely powerful, and most importantly epicly cool! Then I suggest they get a Macbook Air. It’s just that cool!!!






August 11, 2011 / coolcrew23

Why cool?

This will be my first post. So I guess I ask myself, cause technically I have no readers yet, why i chose coolcrew23 as a blogsite name. It sounds like a name a kid would name his “barkada”

Setting: Playground
Time: 4:37PM
Characters: Nico and Dom who are two 7 year olds playing outside

Nico: Dodo you’re my best pal!
Dom: You also nico!
Nico: We are the coolcrew!


Well that was dumb and I apologize for writing that….


Of course I didn’t name my blog this because of my buds Nico and Dodo. I named it as such because of this dude

This is the guy Carlito Cool

For those who don’t know him, he’s a pro wrestler from Puerto Rico. He wrestle a few years in the WWE. He was one the stars there for awhile, until he grew stale and people got bored of him. His gimmick was chewing an apple and spitting it into someone… EPICLY COOL DIBA! Until it was the only thing he could do really. He got fired and is wrestling at his home now. For awhile he was the most epic thing on TV for me. I easily get entertained, you will see as this blog comes along, and he was the most entertaining for me in Sports Entertainment,

So that is where i got the word “cool”

As for crew well I just thought barkada was such a “baduy” term and i guess it’s to 80s for me. I was hoping crew would catch on and become the new term for barkada. Like maybe….

Mom: Mikee!!! (My real name)
Mikee: Yep?
Mom: Where are you?
Mikee: With my crew!

Yeah that sucks, so there goes crew.

And finally 23


I guess that man needs no introduction, but I am sure I’ll be posting a lot about him.

So i guess this will be my 1st post. Seems short, I know but people nowadays have such short attention spans. I’ll be keeping my posts shorts and simple. It will be cool, it will be epic, it will be fun. I will blog about those things. Things that I think are cool, things that i think are epic and fun. I don’t know how cool this blog could actually become, I just wish to have some readers, and eventually for some people to take something from this blog.

Anyway DLSU-UST is on TV now so i gotta go until my next blog.