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August 15, 2011 / coolcrew23

NBA Lockout = Not cool

The NBA is now in a lockout…

This sucks. I know the season is still months away but the way things are going right now, barring a miracle, their will be no LeBron, no D.Rose, no Dwight, and “Gasp!” No Matt “Red Rocket” Bonner for the foreseeable future. It could just mean a late start to the season, or at worst no season at all. Whatever may happen between now and the start, we just hope that we would eventually see some high-flying, jaw-dropping, curly red hair waving, NBA action.

You may ask, really what does the lockout mean? The casual NBA fan wouldn’t really care, he just wants to see that ball bounce. Truthfully I do not completely understand the lockout as well. All i know is that the NBA team owners, and the NBA players couldn’t agree on how much money should be going where. When you talk about millionaires fight about money, it definitely is  a situation that isn’t cool.

Until then I guess we all just have to hope that the issue is settled soon. I want my NBA by the time October comes! I want to see Flyin’ Brian Scalabrine shoot 3s!!!! So please NBA peeps settle this already and let us enjoy what you guys do best!



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  1. timmysebastian / Aug 16 2011 7:27 am

    ang sipag mo naman mag sulat! (that’s not cool sabi ni carlito caribbean cool) hahaha 🙂

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