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August 11, 2011 / coolcrew23

Why cool?

This will be my first post. So I guess I ask myself, cause technically I have no readers yet, why i chose coolcrew23 as a blogsite name. It sounds like a name a kid would name his “barkada”

Setting: Playground
Time: 4:37PM
Characters: Nico and Dom who are two 7 year olds playing outside

Nico: Dodo you’re my best pal!
Dom: You also nico!
Nico: We are the coolcrew!


Well that was dumb and I apologize for writing that….


Of course I didn’t name my blog this because of my buds Nico and Dodo. I named it as such because of this dude

This is the guy Carlito Cool

For those who don’t know him, he’s a pro wrestler from Puerto Rico. He wrestle a few years in the WWE. He was one the stars there for awhile, until he grew stale and people got bored of him. His gimmick was chewing an apple and spitting it into someone… EPICLY COOL DIBA! Until it was the only thing he could do really. He got fired and is wrestling at his home now. For awhile he was the most epic thing on TV for me. I easily get entertained, you will see as this blog comes along, and he was the most entertaining for me in Sports Entertainment,

So that is where i got the word “cool”

As for crew well I just thought barkada was such a “baduy” term and i guess it’s to 80s for me. I was hoping crew would catch on and become the new term for barkada. Like maybe….

Mom: Mikee!!! (My real name)
Mikee: Yep?
Mom: Where are you?
Mikee: With my crew!

Yeah that sucks, so there goes crew.

And finally 23


I guess that man needs no introduction, but I am sure I’ll be posting a lot about him.

So i guess this will be my 1st post. Seems short, I know but people nowadays have such short attention spans. I’ll be keeping my posts shorts and simple. It will be cool, it will be epic, it will be fun. I will blog about those things. Things that I think are cool, things that i think are epic and fun. I don’t know how cool this blog could actually become, I just wish to have some readers, and eventually for some people to take something from this blog.

Anyway DLSU-UST is on TV now so i gotta go until my next blog.



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  1. timmysebastian / Aug 11 2011 7:40 am

    ang baduy mikee! wahahaha it’s hard pala when you’re left at home! wahahaha! 🙂 go read my blog na! 🙂

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